From left: Michael Barrett Donovan, Mikael Jonassen, Jakob Folke Ossum, Vidar Starheimsæter - photo credit: Nikolai Grasaasen 

Buster Sledge is an acoustic chamber-quartet of four voices, fiddle, banjo, guitar and contrabass fronted by a Californian living in Norway and backed by three Norwegians of diverse musical backgrounds, all with a shared love for traditional American music. With a starting point in bluegrass, their music brings the melodic focus of American old-time fiddle music and the storytelling of old mountain-ballads and country songs together with elements from jazz, indie and jambands to create a contemporary expression of age-old traditions. 

Buster Sledge is:

Michael Barrett Donovan - fiddle/lead vocals

Jakob Folke Ossum - guitar/vocals

Mikael Jonassen - banjo/vocals

Vidar Starheimsæter - bass/vocals