Buster Sledge

From just above the arctic circle in Bodø, Norway to sunny Turlock in Central California, the members of Oslo-based band Buster Sledge - despite growing up with an ocean and many miles between them - share a love for playing a wide array of American music. Their all-original repertoire draws from their diverse backgrounds to blend genres from traditional to modern all while keeping the earnest story-telling of country and bluegrass music alive in the ambitious arrangements of their music.

Buster Sledge's second album, Call Home, was released on Heilo Records on May 27th 2022 and features eleven tracks of original music, with artwork from William Hay.

The newest addition to the band's catalogue is a four-song EP, printed only on 50 cassettes and embroidered by Ane Østrem, Dreamer (October 2022, Heilo).

Michael Barrett Donovan - fiddle/lead vocals

Jakob Folke Ossum - guitar/vocals

Mikael Jonassen - banjo/vocals

Vidar Starheimsæter - bass/vocals